Extend the Life of Your Projector Lamp

Typically a projector lamp should last between 750 to 4,000 hours, with an average life of 1500 hours. Projector lamps slowly become dimmer over time. They do not simply operate at either 100% or 0% brightness. This is why many customers replace their lamp early (at 50% of its life/hours), so they can ensure their projected image is as bright as possible.

The average life of a projector lamp is dependent on a variety of factors such as humidity, air pressure, dust, temperature, and physical impact.

Here are some tips to extend the life of your projector lamp:

  1. Always allow the internal fan in the projector to cool down the lamp. To ensure this happens it is important to power-down the projector. Do not unplug it from the power socket.

  2. Keep the projector stationary until the unit has fully cooled down.

  3. Frequently check the projector (and filters) for excessive dust build-up. This will cause the projector to overheat, which then results in the lamp operating at a higher temperature (which reduces its life).

  4. If available use the ‘economy mode’ on the projector. This can sometimes increase projector lamp life by up to 50% !

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